WordPress 5.9 launches with full site editing

WordPress 5.9 launches with full site editing

WordPress makes enhancements to the block editor and stretches no code capabilities in this new release.

WordPress, which continues to lead the CMS market by a wide margin, has announced its new release, WordPress 5.9.

Among the enhancements announced with the new release are:

  • Full site editing making it easier to edit WordPress themes without using code (only for themes that support the new feature).
  • Ten new blocks for site editing listed under Themes (including next post, previous post, post comments, etc.).
  • The opportunity to save theme changes for specific templates or globally across the whole site.
  • A new default theme (named “Twenty Twenty-Two”).
  • New ways to customize and configure blocks.

There are also some changes on the developer side. For example, theme.json now supports child themes allowing users to build themes in WordPress Admin without writing code.

Why we care. If you’re a CMS user and you aren’t using WordPress in your current role, the chances are that you used it in your last role or will use it in your next. Its ubiquity makes changes relevant to almost all content creators. There’s nothing here as dramatic as the introduction of the block editor in WordPress 5.0, but there is a continuing trend of increasing the capabilities of no code users.

You can read the full news release from WordPress here and learn more about Site Editor here.

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