Twitter tests 3 new ad formats 

Twitter tests 3 new ad formats 

Select brands now have access to Interactive Text, Product Explorer, and Collection ads on Twitter. Here’s what they look like.

Twitter is piloting three new ad types – Interactive Text, Product Explorer, and Collection ads. Only a few brands have access to them, but the new ad types will be visible to all U.S. Twitter users (iOS, Android and the web).  

Here’s everything we know about the ad formats and examples of brands using them.

Interactive Text Ads. These ads have a larger font than organic tweets and bolded text. Advertisers can also pick from 10 colors to highlight up to three words from their ad copy. Twitter users who tap or click on the highlighted words will be taken to a landing page, which the brand specifies. Brands testing this ad format include Oreo, Bud Light and Wendy’s.

Here’s what it looks like:

Oreo’s Interactive Text Ad on Twitter

Product Explorer Ads. These are 3D product ads. Users can swipe and rotate a product to view it from multiple angles. Users can click on the Shop Now button to buy it from the advertiser’s website.

Here’s what it looks like:

New Balance’s Product Explorer Ad on Twitter

Collection Ads. Advertisers can display a “hero” image (it remains static) plus five thumbnails beneath it (which users can scroll through horizontally). What happens when a Twitter user clicks or taps on one of the thumbnails? The advertiser chooses what URL to send them to (e.g., a product landing page). 

Here’s what it looks like:

Bose’s Collection Ad on Twitter

New Balance, Lexus and Bose are among the “select brands in the U.S.” testing the Product Explorer and Collection ads.

What Twitter says. Could these experimental ad formats roll out to more brands and countries eventually? Yes, but there’s no timeline for that yet. In its blog post announcing the three new ad types, Twitter noted that they will be watching the performance of these new formats to see if they drive results for advertisers. 

The platform also highlighted its vision and goals for Twitter ads. Twitter said their ad products should:

  • Give advertisers opportunities for more creative storytelling and brand expression across every stage of the funnel
  • Offer consumers a more immersive, rewarding and interactive ad experience
  • Help advertisers further lean into and unlock Twitter’s conversational power

Why we care. Although Twitter doesn’t have daily/monthly active user numbers that rival Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, it can still drive conversions and revenue for brands and businesses. Because these ad formats are new, they could attract some early engagement from Twitter users. However, it remains to see if that attention will be positive or negative. While these ads are still in testing, it may be worth a small amount of your time to think about how you could potentially creatively use these ad types so you’re ready if/when they become available.

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