Twitter Shops lets brands showcase 50 products

Twitter Shops lets brands showcase 50 products

Want your own Twitter shop? You’ll have to wait. It’s only available to select merchants in the U.S. for now.

Twitter has introduced a new experimental ecommerce feature it calls Twitter Shops. Brands who want to create a shop can curate up to 50 items to include, which Twitter uses can then buy via an in-app browser from the merchant’s website. 

After a brand or business enables a Twitter Shop, a new “View shop” button will appear on its profile page, directly above its tweets. It looks like this:

For now, only iPhone users can view and interact with the shops. This is much the same way the Twitter Shop Module was rolled out last year. That feature was more limited, allowing brands to show up to five products on their profile, in the same location as the Twitter Shops “View shop” button.

Availability. Twitter only mentioned five brands that have enabled their shops. Those are:

Twitter Shops are only available to select merchants and managed partners in the U.S., according to Twitter’s blog post. Twitter isn’t charging brands to open a Shop.

What it looks like. A Twitter Shop contains a product image, product name, product type, and price. 

What Twitter says about Shops. “People are already talking about products on Twitter. We want Twitter Shops to be the home for merchants on Twitter where they can intentionally curate a catalog of products for their Twitter audience and build upon the product discussions already happening on our service by giving shoppers a point of action where a conversation can become a purchase.”

Why we care. Social commerce is one of those areas that brands would love to crack. Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks have rolled out similar shops. While Twitter has fewer users than those networks, it’s all about getting your product in front of potential customers, wherever they are. So if your target customers use Twitter, it may be worth testing out Shops to see if it can help drive any sales.

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