The anatomy of personalized search

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The anatomy of personalized search

Unlock magical customer experiences that foster customer loyalty online with personalization and AI.

Buyers expect easy navigation, relevant search results, and tailored search experiences that remember their preferences and rerank products accordingly, especially for in-session browsing. Unfortunately in 2022, consumers are still experiencing null results, poor relevance and are often pointed in the wrong direction by their favorite brands. 

If you’re running an e-commerce site, internal KPIs most likely have an underlying impact on positive consumer retention, acquisition, and site revenue. All three inadvertently impact brand loyalty and therefore keep that cycle moving. 

Most of these online storefronts you manage started with a passion for the product and/or helping to solve a consumer issue. So, when improving your site’s functionality, how often are you working backward by focusing site search & product discovery efforts for your customer?

Being able to identify and implement the right AI-backed functionalities that power intentional search experiences will help your customers win, your brand’s site win and make you look like a product discovery hero.

Unlock magical experiences that foster customer loyalty online and better understand the capabilities of your site’s search engine. Continue your journey to becoming a product discovery hero by mastering the three key areas of personalized search: semantic understanding, SKU select and 1:1 and segment-based personalization. 

When you understand the anatomy of personalized search, your search bar will be able to understand your customers. It’s a win-win. 

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