Help for Ukraine SEO & PPC specialists seeking work

Help for Ukraine SEO & PPC specialists seeking work

An SEO entrepreneur has created two resources: one for job seekers and another for employers with digital vacancies willing to hire Ukranians.

We’ve all been watching the horrible events unfolding since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. One thing that you can count on in our great industry is how we come together in times of trouble to help one another.

That’s exactly what SEO entrepreneur Olesia Korobka is doing. She has created two Google Sheets, which have been shared widely in our community via social media in the last day:

  • Looking for job or gig from Ukraine. More than 90 search marketers have added info about their specializations and skills.
  • Digital vacancies for Ukrainians. More than 20 companies have added information about roles they are looking to fill, details about their company, and contact information.

Why we care. In war, we want to help those who need it in whatever form we can. In this case, we are sharing this with our large community, in the hopes that it may help someone from Ukraine get a much-needed job or gig. So if you are short-staffed and are willing to hire a Ukrainian for SEO or PPC projects, consider contacting someone on the job/gig list or add your company’s info to the vacancies list. 

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