Google launches Google Business Profiles calls API

Google launches Google Business Profiles calls API

Businesses can pull call history data from this API and into their CRM software.

Google has quietly released a new Google Business Profiles API for obtaining call history data from your Google Business Profiles programatically. The new API is available over here and is awkwardly named “My Business Business Calls API.”

New API. The new API lets you query Google to obtain your call history data that you can currently see in your Google Business Profile manager under the “calls” section. The call history section is has been around for about a year in the user interface, but now has API access.

The My Business Business Calls API manages business calls information of a location on Google, known as Google Business Profiles now. Google said to call this service, Google recommends that you use the Google-provided client libraries. If your application needs to use your own libraries to call this service, use the following information when you make the API requests.

We expect the API’s capabilities to grow over time, this is just version 1 of this specific API.

CRMs. This data can be very valuable to pull into your CRM, customer relationship management, software. To know that a lead came through Google Maps and Google Search by pulling in the call history data can be very useful. It is worth investigating what data you can get from this new API and how you can use that data to supplement the data you have in your CRM.

Other Google Business Profile APIs. Google lists a number of APIs available as well on the left hand bar of that page. They include:

  • Account Management API
  • Business Calls API
  • Lodging API
  • Place Actions API
  • Notifications API
  • Verifications API
  • Business Information API
  • Q&A API

Why we care. Here is another way of obtaining sales and lead data in a programatic manner. If you do this manually, you can now at least automate some of the data gathering by using this new API. Hopefully this data can be used to help your sales and marketing teams perform they daily tasks.

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