Google is hiring a Search Quality Analyst to fight search spam

Google is hiring a Search Quality Analyst to fight search spam

The job is based in Mountain View, California and you would work on helping keep the search results spam free.

Google is hiring a new Search Quality Analyst who would work on fighting spam in the Google Search results. A new job posting by Google is currently accepting applications, the job seems to require you to be available to work on-site at the Mountain View, California office.

Job details. The job description defines the job of a Search Quality Analyst as someone who “will be working to measure and prevent inorganic user behavior through enforcement and development of our webmaster guidelines.” It also requires you to “support search ranking launches through qualitative and quantitative analyses.” As a Search Quality Analyst, Google said, “you will solve problems across data sets, with the power of Google’s technology to identify issues occurring in Google Search and related product areas.”

Make a difference. Google said this job will make a difference and have a “direct impact on users every day.” Plus you will get to work “closely with engineers and other analysts to launch algorithms and lead efforts that improve the overall search experience.” In short, you get to understand the search ranking algorithms in a deeper way and actually work on overall search quality.

Responsibilities. Google lists out these are the core responsibilities of the job:

  • Prevent abuse of Google Search by analyzing search trends, identifying inorganic activity, and developing solutions.
  • Solve analytical problems and apply analytical methods as needed within datasets.
  • Engage cross-functionally with a wide variety of people and teams. Work closely with Engineers and Analysts to lead the development of long-lasting solutions.
  • Prepare and present recommendations to multiple levels of stakeholders.

Qualifications. Here is a listing of all the qualifications to apply for this job:

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience working with one or more of the following languages: SQL, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Go and/or C++.
  • Experience in data analysis, or working as a data scientist, abuse analyst, or law enforcement investigator.
  • Experience managing projects and defining project scope, goals, and deliverables.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in a quantitative discipline.
  • Experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or experience as a webmaster.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Why we care. If you love search, SEO and how search algorithms work, this might be the job for you. For some in SEO, it is the dream job to work at Google on Google Search, specifically working on search quality. For others, this might be a great opportunity to learn about why search quality is important.

We often see only from the side of marketers, we want our sites to be at the top of the Google Search results. But did you ever think about it from the search engine’s perspective?

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