Google AdSense earnings report may be buggy

Google AdSense earnings report may be buggy

Google has not yet confirmed the issue but there are numerous complaints from publishers.

Google AdSense publishers this morning have been complaining that the report that shows them their estimated earnings on the AdSense console overview page is wrong and significantly lower than what is expected. It seems there is some sort of bug with the report on the overview page, but the reports within the reporting tab seem to be more aligned with expected publisher earnings.

The complaints. There are a number of complaints in the AdSense forums that have concerned publishers worried that something is wrong and their AdSense earnings have dropped significantly from what they normally see on a daily or monthly basis. There is one thread that has the most detail, which can be found over here.

A top contributor, not a Google employee but a volunteer recognized by Google as someone who is helpful in the forums, wrote “Looks like there are issues with the statistics on the main dashboard page (it’s happening to my account too): go to the Reports tab which seems to be showing the accurate figures.”

Don’t panic. There is no need to panic, just yet, it seems like this is a widespread issue where many publishers are waking up to these reporting glitches. Google has yet to confirm that there is a bug but it seems like the reports are not all matching up and there may be some reporting pipeline delay.

Why we care. If you noticed your AdSense earnings are unusually low this morning from the overview page report, you are not alone. Dig into the reporting tab to confirm the estimated earnings look accurate and you can alway reach out to AdSense support for help.

We have yet to receive a confirmation from Google on the issue, but if and when we do, we will update this story.

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