Google Ads releases disapproved ads auditor tool

Google Ads releases disapproved ads auditor tool

This tool is for developers to integrate into their backends and helps you flag and delete policy violating ads across your accounts.

Google has released a disapproved ads auditor tool for Google Ads that flags and can delete policy violating ads across your accounts. To integrate this into your software you need to have skills in Python, BigQuery API, Google Ads API and OAuth 2.0.

What it does. The disapproved ads auditor tool “enables advertisers to review at scale all disapproved ads across their Google Ads accounts,” the company said. This view allows advertisers to proactively audit their accounts , analyze the ad disapprovals holistically and identify learnings to minimize and reduce submission of potentially policy violating ads, the company added.

You can run the tool in two two Python modes:

  • “Audit Mode”- export an output of disapproved ads across your accounts
  • “Remove Mode” – delete currently disapproved ads and log details.

Github. You can view the the implementation details on Github, but keep in mind, it is estimated to take about two hours to implement this solution into your systems.

Why we care. This can help those who manage a lot of accounts or a lot of ads an easier way to stay on top of and scale management of disapproved ads in Google ads. Google said “advertisers operating at scale need a solution to holistically review policy violating ads across their accounts so they can ensure compliance with Google’s Ad Policies. As Google introduces more policies and enforcement mechanisms, advertisers need to continue checking their accounts to ensure they comply with Google’s Ads Policies.“

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