December 6: The latest jobs in search marketing

December 6: The latest jobs in search marketing

On the hunt for something new? Check out who’s hiring in search marketing this week.

Director of SEO @ The Motley Fool (U.S. remote; must have a permanent address in one of the states listed)

  • Salary: $110-130k/yr
  • Defines and executes a holistic SEO strategy spanning personal finance topics, including defining a roadmap and prioritization of initiatives to drive growth.
  • Manages and develops a team of SEO content strategists. 

Digital Marketing Coach @ Nexstar Network (U.S. remote)

  • Salary: $90-100k/yr
  • Provide coaching over the phone, on web meetings, and through email about digital marketing. In an effort to help businesses decide on strategy and make decisions to improve their marketing activities.
  • Co-facilitate Digital Marketing Workshops, as well as updating curriculum as needed.

Content Strategy Operations & Editorial Lead @ Growth Plays (U.S. remote)

  • Salary: $105k/yr
  • Lead the team that organizes Growth Plays’ core product, a Notion-based system of customized SEO guides, workflows, and tools that for mostly mid-market and enterprise B2B software companies.
  • Work with the content strategist and SEO analyst to lead customer engagements, and ultimately be the glue that holds each project together and make sure things get out the door on time and in near perfect quality.

Digital Marketing Manager @ Retriever (U.S. remote)

  • Pay: $50-60k/yr
  • Manage digital marketing campaigns from start to finish.
  • Clearly understand and implement digital marketing campaigns which fit client needs, as well as analytical reporting to stakeholders.

Content Marketing Editor @ Animalz (Remote)

  • Pay: $65-80k/yr
  • Editing ~20 B2B articles and outlines per week (~1,500 words each), ensuring they comply with the customer strategy and meet Animalz Quality Standards.
  • Educating writers around good content in form, structure and technical aspects in drafts, in live training sessions, and with other editors.

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