YouTube has launched a global Target frequency feature

YouTube has launched a global Target frequency feature

You can now select the frequency target for your videos and YouTube will optimize toward maximum unique reach at the frequency goal.

YouTube now has a global Target frequency goal option for video campaigns. The new goal allows advertisers to select a frequency goal (up to four per week), which YouTube will optimize towards.

What YouTube says. “Now advertisers can select the frequency target and our systems will optimize towards maximum unique reach at the frequency goal. With our built-in capping, campaigns deliver within a tight distribution range so viewers don’t see the ads too many times. In fact, over 95% of Target frequency campaigns on YouTube successfully achieved their frequency goals when set up following recommended best practices. Not only do the campaigns deliver on their target frequency, but they drive brand impact as well.”

Early testing. YouTube tested this new goal with Triscuit, whose goal was to ensure that its brand stays top of mind with consumers.

According to YouTube, the brand set up a Video experiment to determine the incremental ad recall that a weekly frequency of two could deliver. The Target frequency campaign achieved a 93% higher absolute ad recall lift compared to the non-frequency optimized campaign, at a 40% cheaper cost per lifted user.

Also available in Ads Editor. Google also announced today that the new Target frequency goal was going to be supported in the new Ads Editor v2.2.

Dig deeper. Learn more about the new Frequency goal on the Google Ads & Commerce Blog.

Why we care. Advertisers who use Video ad campaigns should implement the new Target frequency goals to ensure that their videos show an appropriate number of times without exhausting their audiences.

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