Twitter launches Campaign Planner

Twitter launches Campaign Planner

Twitter started testing the tool in 2021 and has now rolled it out to all managed advertisers.

Twitter has just launched Campaign Planner, a forecasting tool designed to help advertisers estimate campaign results before launching. 

What does Campaign Planner do. The new Campaign Planner helps advertisers:

  • Forecast reach, impressions, average frequency, and CPM for a specific audience, duration, frequency setting, and placement
  • Budget for auction-based campaigns
  • Start and save draft campaigns directly from the tool

What Twitter says. Twitter created this tool in order to help empower partners and advertisers to better understand the size and cost of reaching a target audience during the campaign planning process. 

Campaign Planner unlocks more forecasting information than ever before and we’re excited to continue to build toward the goal of making Twitter easier to buy for advertisers. Throughout the coming months, we will be expanding campaign planner to support more objectives and in more markets, and enable plan comparison to help evaluate the best campaign settings for your goals.

How to access Campaign Planner. The Campaign Planner is available to all managed advertisers in the US, UK, and Japan. Managed partners can access the tool by contacting their Twitter Client Partner. You can access the Campaign Planner from your Twitter Ads account. Upon doing so, you’ll be prompted to enter details to begin building your forecast.  

What the Campaign Planner Looks like. 

Twitter recommended settings. Twitter has outlined recommendations on how to set up your campaigns most effectively. Twitter claims these recommendations are backed by research, but advertisers should set up their campaigns how they see fit based on testing and what works for their specific business. 

Reach and frequency. Once you determine your core audience, Twitter recommends using higher levels of weekly frequency to achieve better results. Most advertisers are aware that increased brand awareness leads to better results. A higher budget can help you achieve this. 

Campaign length. Twitter also recommends letting your campaigns run for a longer period of time to allow sufficient time to build brand recognition. They suggest letting the campaigns run over 5 weeks to gain momentum and up to 13 weeks to resonate with your audience. 

Learn more about Campaign Planner. You can read more about Campaign Planner via the announcement here.

Why we care. The Campaign Planner seems like a useful tool for advertisers to predict the impact of their campaigns. However, the Campaign Planners forecast is estimated and their recommendations are general. There is no substitute for constant monitoring and testing.

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