Twitter is testing a new “Tweet Tiles” display for publisher links

Twitter is testing a new “Tweet Tiles” display for publisher links

The new Tweet formats are an attempt to get more users to click and engage with posts by giving them a more colorful, visual look.

Twitter has begun testing Tweet Tiles, a new display format for tweeted links. The tiles will have larger images and text and a visible CTA button.

What Twitter says.

“Right now, people on iOS and web may see and interact with Tweet Tiles that include text, images, videos, or other elements like a button from people in the initial test group. These formats are designed to easily engage with content and make your timeline more dynamic and visual.”

Another new Tweet format. Twitter’s new “Quote Tweet with reaction” option is another new format they have been testing. It features an updated text editor that allows users to add more color to their comments.

Expected launch date. There is no expected launch date for these new Tweet features. Not all users will see the new formats, as Twitter is rolling these out to selected publishers.

Why we care. Twitter is known as a discussion platform, as Social Media Today points out. Twitter may be attempting to drive more engagement and clicks with updated visual CTAs. Publishers who use Twitter regularly should test these new Tweet formats and analyze their engagement stats.

The new formats do look familiar, though. While Tweet Tiles look a lot like Pinterest boards and native Facebook ads, Quote Tweets remind us of custom Facebook post backgrounds. Is Twitter trying to blend in and look like other social platforms? It will be interesting to see how users react to these new formats as they’re rolled out to the public.

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