Tips for how to post effectively on LinkedIn from SEO Sara Taher

Tips for how to post effectively on LinkedIn from SEO Sara Taher

Looking to grow your engagement and visibility on LinkedIn? Learn some tips from someone who is doing it well.

LinkedIn posting strategy Sara Taher

Whenever I visit LinkedIn lately, I almost always see an update from Sara Taher, the SEO Team Lead at Flywheel Digital.

And many of her posts tend to get a lot of engagement. Her updates regularly attract hundreds of reactions, comments and shares. 

So what’s her secret to posting effectively on LinkedIn and being so visible? Has she figured out the LinkedIn algorithm?

Taher was kind enough to give a little insight into her LinkedIn posting strategy. What follows are highlights of our Q&A. You may notice that much of the advice Taher shares aligns with LinkedIn’s advice for creators.

Pick your LinkedIn goal(s). Taher’s biggest goal on LinkedIn? To build her personal brand. 

  • “My audience is SEO and digital marketers mainly, but I was able to attract some tech-savvy business owners and some marketing managers looking for SEO consultants,” Taher said.

Keys to a successful LinkedIn post. Taher said she doesn’t use a schedule. She writes based on inspiration. Very often, Taher said she gets an idea for a post from something she is actively working on.

So what formula works for Taher?

  • “The formula is four things. Provide 1. relatable and 2. actionable information. 3. Be yourself and 4. be real.”
  • “SEOs can understand my posts, I make sure it’s easy and simple to understand. They also find it relevant to everyday SEO tasks.”

This post is one example of her doing that, when she discussed content audits. 

Here’s another, in which she discussed optimizing the homepage:

In addition to sharing SEO insights and tips, Taher opens up about herself.

In this post, she noted how posting something about herself made her feel “seen” as a person for the first time.

And in this post, she discussed confidence, which she admitted she struggles with. 

Is there a “best time” to post on LinkedIn? I know, I know. Posting at mid-morning, midweek guarantees nothing in terms of visibility or engagement for your LinkedIn post. But I was curious if Taher had noticed any days or times that worked generally for her. Here’s what she said:

  • “My audience is international with different time zones and even sometimes different weekend days (some countries take Friday and Saturday off as weekend). I just found that posting first thing in the morning my time, and generally posting on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, would get the most engagement.”

What to avoid. Taher also has some advice on what doesn’t work:

  • “Definitely trying to be like someone else. Don’t try to imitate other people’s style,” Taher said.

Taher said she learned a lot by following other SEO experts on LinkedIn and connecting with them. But you can learn from others without copying them. 

Defining success. Success will depend on your goals. So how does Tahker measure “success” for her LinkedIn post? 

  • “Success for me is when I get engagement on a post. And when I get positive feedback from followers.”

One final bit of advice. And this is something more people in our space need to hear:

  • “Posting and becoming a public figure in the SEO community is a responsibility, as people actually follow your advice. So don’t post anything you are not 100% sure of.”

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