TikTok adds additional regional trend insights

TikTok adds additional regional trend insights

The new tool helps advertisers plan and create campaigns around trends, interests, audiences and how they connect with brands.

TikTok has added more insights, countries, industries, holidays, and other key market trends to its insights tool.

What are TikTok Insights. Insights help advertisers and creators understand the audience, behaviors, opinions, and effectiveness of their campaigns.

Part of its Creative Center platform, the Insights tool allows you to filter by age group, viewer type (creator, advertiser, user), industry, events, and year.

Use the tool. You can test the tool and view different insights by location here.

Why we care. It’s a start. While the tool can be useful to help advertisers plan campaigns, it’s not as robust as it could be. With limited data, the tool doesn’t show as much information as one might expect a platform with one billion users to have.

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    TikTok adds additional regional trend insights

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