This day in search marketing history: January 29

This day in search marketing history: January 29

Google penalizes a link network, plus: paid search spending, Google warns about article directories, Yelp ratings in Google AdWords and more.

Google penalizes French link network

In 2014, Google’s Matt Cutts tweeted, “Today we’re taking action on a French link network that violates our quality guidelines (Buzzea).”

Buzzea was less than thrilled about being called a link network, saying they “oppose this assertion since we never stopped wanting to keep the ethical side of sponsored articles focusing on quality and natural links created.” As a result of the penalty, Buzzea officially called it quits.

Read all about it in Google Takes Down Another Link Network, France’s Buzzea.

This was hardly the first link network Google had gone after:

  • Google Squashes, Another Link Network Outed By Google’s Matt Cutts
  • Google Eliminates Another Link Network, – Just One Of Several?
  • Google Busts Yet Another Link Network: Anglo Rank
  • Google May Have Penalized Another Major Link Network: Ghost Rank 2.0
  • Did Google Just Penalize Another Link Network? SAPE Links
  • “Text Link Ads” Was Latest Hit By Google’s Actions Against Link Sellers
  • Google Eliminates Another Link Network, – Just One Of Several?
  • Google Zaps Another Link Network, ‘Several Thousand’ Link Sellers Hit

Buzzea would be just the first of several link networks Google identified and took action against later in 2014:

  • Feb. 6: Google Penalized A Germany Agency & Their Clients For Link Schemes, Says Matt Cutts
  • Feb. 24: Google Targets Two Polish Link Networks While Continuing To Target German Link Networks
  • March 14: Google Penalizes Two German Link Networks; One Being efamous
  • March 15: Google Penalizes Italian & Spanish Link Networks
  • March 19: Google’s Matt Cutts: We’ve Taken Action On A Large Guest Blog Network
  • July 3: Google Hits Poland Again With Link Network Penalties
  • Aug. 18: Google Targets Two European Link Networks
  • Nov. 24: Google Takes Action On More Link Networks In Poland

Also on this day

Facebook testing brand safety topic exclusions for advertisers

2021: Citing advertisers’ brand safety concerns, Facebook said the feature would allow marketers to choose whether to show their ads alongside potentially sensitive content.

Google has stopped deduplicating right-sidebar featured snippets

2020: URLs shown in featured snippets that appeared in the right rail of Google desktop results would continue to be included in the main organic listings.

Video: Lisa Barone on the early days of SEO blogging

2020: In this installment of Barry Schwartz’s vlog series, he chatted with Barone about the older days of SEO and then moved on to how her career has changed over the years.

How to know when it’s time to pay for search analytics tools

2019: Search marketing experts offered feedback on when to pay for search analytics tools, factors to consider and making the most out of what you buy.

Google adds voice input and spoken results to mobile web search

2019: Google added a microphone to the search field on Android phones to enable mobile web voice search.

Tell Google which report you are really missing in new Google Search Console

2018: A button in the beta Search Console explained why all of the old reports had not been migrated.

Merkle Q4 2017: Search ad click growth fell, ad spend rose 23% across Google, Bing, Yahoo

2018: Bing and Yahoo saw search ad spend jump 32% year-over-year. Google spend slowed slightly from Q3.

Adobe: Paid Search Spend Growth Slowed In Q4, Mobile Continued To Eat Into Desktop

2016: Retail advertising spend on mobile Shopping ads nearly doubled year-over-year in Q4.

Search In Pics: GoogleBot Band, Inside Out Post-It Art & Hangouts Pillow

2016: The latest images showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have and more.

Google’s Matt Cutts: Don’t Try To Build Links Through Article Directories

2014: That was Cutts’ answer to “Should I build links using article directories?”

Report: Google Close (Again) To EU Antitrust Settlement

2014: Two previous antitrust settlements were strenuously opposed and thus defeated by Google critics and competitors.

Google May Be Forced To Pay $1 Billion To Patent Troll

2014: Google was asked to pay $15.8 million in 2012. The plaintiffs were also seeking ongoing royalties, which the court awarded. 

People, Videos, News: Twitter Adds New Search Filters

2014: There were also “photos,” “people you follow” and “near you” filters to further refine results.

Seattle Seahawks Take The Lead In 33 States For Bing Super Bowl Searches

2014: Bing also measured player searches, with Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning winning 72% of the searches over Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson.

Bing Rewards Program Now Available On iOS & Android Devices

2014:  iOS and Android users could earn Bing Rewards credits (toward gift cards for brands like Amazon, Xbox and Dominos) by performing searches on their phone.

Advertisers Increased PLA Budgets By 600% In Q4; Trend Likely To Continue

2013: Those advertisers were rewarded with higher click-through rates and lower cost-per-click than text ads.

Study: Reviews & Images Drive Clicks In Mobile

2012: Images and reviews were very important in capturing users’ eye movements and clicks.

A Year Later Even Google Surprised By Success Of Click-To-Call

2011: Google was seeing millions of calls every month and it had become a core part of a large number of mobile search ad campaigns.

Google Mobile Image Search Gets Popular Images

2010: When you visited Google Images on a smartphone, you would see “popular images” and a link to browse more popular images.

Yelp Ratings Appear In Google AdWords

2010: Google confirmed it was “testing a feature in which text ads on Google search results pages may include star ratings and links to third party sites that have reviewed the advertiser’s business.”

Microsoft Earnings Beat Estimates Online Services Post Loss, More On Bing And The iPhone

2010: Online Services, which housed online advertising and Bing, reported $581 million in revenue vs. $609 million the prior year ago.

Goojje, A Google China Knockoff

2010: It is a basic search engine, playing on the Google name and Google logo.

Google AdWords Testing New Interface

2009: The new interface looked similar to the charting/graphing system that Google Analytics used.

Google Toolbar For Firefox Adds Chrome-Like “Most Visited Sites” Tab

2009: The sites you visited most often were listed when you opened a new blank tab in Firefox.

YouTube Searchers: It’s All About The Music

2009: Hitwise research suggested that 72% of the site’s Top 50 search terms from December 2008 were music-related.

Live Search “Auto Suggest” Add-On For Firefox Released

2009: You could add it to your Firefox search box manually via the add-on from Live Search.

Google TV Ads Tells How DVRs Affect Your Ads

2009: Google’s TV Ads team announced the addition of new metrics detailing time-shifted ad viewings.

Martin Schaedel (Lazerzubb) Killed In Plane Crash

2009: Known widely by his online handle lazerzubb, he was a fixture at various events.

Google Street View Car Kills Bambi, Removes Pictures Afterward

2009: Google said the image was removed because of several requests from users using the Street View image removal option.

Google’s Position Six Penalty (Or Bug) A Reality

2008: Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed the behavior and said Google had already begun reversing it.

Microsoft adCenter To Power Ads On Wall Street Journal Digital Network

2008: This was a huge deal for Microsoft, giving their ad program exposure to 20 million unique users and over 330 million page views per month.

Byzantine Legal Fight For Control Of Parent IAC

2008: It was “open warfare” between IAC CEO Barry Diller and Liberty Media, one of its largest backers and investors.

Once Again, A Google Murder Case

2008: A UK woman was convicted of trying to murder her husband after researching methods on Google.

Google’s Brin Calls China Censorship A “Net Negative”

2007: Brin was arguing that some information is better than no information.

Google TV Rumors Not Legit

2007: ‘Twas a hoax.

Google To Build Second Life Metaverse On Google Earth In China?

2007: Just lots of rumors. And Tribune In Mutual Classifieds Syndication Deal

2007: Tribune had struck a deal that had Topix providing content and a back-end platform for general merchandise classifieds on their newspaper sites.

News Search + Personalization + Social Media = Wikio

2007: Wikio blended articles from major news web sites and blogs with commentary and tags from Wikio users.

From Search Marketing Expo (SMX)

  • PPC award winners talk strategies for competitive times, industries, and marketplaces

Past contributions from Search Engine Land’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

These columns are a snapshot in time and have not been updated since publishing, unless noted. Opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.

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