The Pinterest Trends Tool is expanding with a new API for Conversions

The Pinterest Trends Tool is expanding with a new API for Conversions

The announcement also includes three new Trends Tool features including filters and widgets.

The new Pinterest API for Conversions gives advertisers a full view of their campaign performance as well as actions their audience took on their site, and it will be integrated with tag management partner Google Tag Manager and commerce partner Shopify.

The Pinterest Trends Tool. Pinterest is expanding the capabilities of its Trends Tool which came out in 2019 to help advertisers worldwide gain deeper insights into the behavior of Pinterest users and to use that information in planning their campaigns.

New updates. New Trends Tool updates also announced include three new features:

  • A widget on the Pinterest Trends homepage that lets advertisers see what has been trending with their engaged users and followers over the past 90 days
  • Trends filtered by demographic, place, time and topic
  • And new trend types, including seasonal trends, to help brands better align their content and marketing calendars with times when users are most engaged with those specific topics

Early API adopters. Pinterest also said hundreds of advertisers worldwide have already implemented the tagless, server-to-server solution, and early results included improvements of 14% in CPAs on average for optimized CPM campaigns when using both the API for Conversions and tags, compared with tags only, and a 36% average increase in attributed conversion volume under the same conditions.

Though the new API was most frequently used for lower-funnel actions such as checkouts, they are also seeing success in full-funnel actions like page visits and add to cart.

What Pinterest says.

“Pinterest is uniquely positioned at the intersection of discovery and commerce, where inspiration meets intent. We are investing across our advertising platform to help businesses around the world reach their goals and connect with leaned in consumers at every stage of the campaign lifecycle.”

Pinterest chief revenue officer Bill Watkins

Why we care. The API and new features allow advertisers to view and predict trends, what users engage with, and how their future (and holiday) campaigns will stack up. They also give advertisers a more in-depth look at their conversion data and additional discovery tools for their audience.

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