The 2023 Digital Marketing Salary Guide is here

The 2023 Digital Marketing Salary Guide is here

The way companies evaluate and set salaries is evolving. Get the digital marketing salary trends business leaders and job seekers need as they plan for success.


Digital marketing talent—especially those specializing in SEO, content, email marketing, and PPC—remains in top demand.

With 92% of hiring managers reporting difficulties finding skilled talent, it’s never been a better time to be a qualified job seeker.  If you’re looking to advance your career, change jobs, or expand your digital marketing team, Conductor’s 2023 Digital Marketing Salary Guide has you covered.

Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download Conductor’s 2023 Digital Marketing Salary Guide & Hiring Trends Report for access to:

  • Exclusive salary range benchmark data
  • In-depth hiring trend research
  • Additional recruiting trends and retention strategies

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    The 2023 Digital Marketing Salary Guide is here

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