New shopping links for Google AdSense

New shopping links for Google AdSense

Relevant keywords on your site are tagged and hyperlinked, opening shopping results within a pop-up window.

There’s a new Labs feature in town for Google AdSense called shopping links. 

What are shopping links. Shopping links are placed in your page’s main content by hyperlinking existing words. Whenever Google detects a shoppable product mention, users will be shown shopping ads for that product.

Where will shopping links show. Google will only place shopping links on pages where there are detectable product mentions. Since this is a new lab feature, Google will limit the amount of traffic enabled to view shopping links to 10%. 

Opt-out. You can opt-out of showing shopping links by going to your AdSense account > Optimization > Labs and turning off shopping links. 

Find out more. You can read the full help doc here. 

Why we care. Advertisers using AdSense will now have another way of monetizing their website. Since only 10% of content will be linked to shopping ads, the new feature shouldn’t be overly intrusive, but advertisers should still keep an eye out for irrelevant links and unrelated results. 

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