Maximize your search marketing budget with first-party conversation data by Invoca

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Maximize your search marketing budget with first-party conversation data

Learn how to use this untapped data source and maximize every dollar spent.

Although we are all somewhat uncertain about the economy, marketers are still bullish on 2023. After recovering from the pandemic shutdowns and cutting back on budgets, growth is still predicted for next year. 

That growth may not be exponential, though. Because of that, you need to make the most of every dollar you spend on your campaigns. Marketers have to focus their budgets on the most effective ads and keyword buys, and they can’t afford retargeting converted customers or targeting the wrong audiences.

Consumers have also taken a big hit to their budgets due to inflation. With this all in mind, companies that do not meet customer expectations risk losing their business altogether. According to Invoca’s 2022 Buyer Experience report, 76% of consumers will stop doing business with you after one bad experience.

Today’s buyer journey is multi-channel, with customers using digital channels to discover brands and learn about products and services. But when it comes time to make a purchase or book an appointment, they look for human assistance to ensure they’re making the right decision. To get customers to convert, marketers must make it easy for them to get what they want.

Join Owen Ray, director of content marketing at Invoca, in his informative SMX Next session to learn how to use an untapped first-party data source — customer conversations — to drive more conversions, reduce your CPA and maximize every dollar you spend on search marketing.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what marketing data you can get from customer conversations
  • Accurately measure and reduce your CPA
  • Optimize and automate keyword bidding with conversation intelligence and Google Ads
  • Use conversation intelligence data to reduce wasted ad spend
  • Explain the results marketers see from using conversation data to optimize their marketing

Tune into the session and learn why utilizing conversation data won’t only help you weather the storm that’s coming up and how it’s going to help you come out stronger when the sky is clear.

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