Make business more human with Qualtrics solutions by Amazon Web Services

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Make business more human with Qualtrics solutions

Learn how to improve customer experiences and lower costs with marketing analytics and intelligence solutions from Qualtrics.

Delivering an outstanding customer experience (CX) is no longer a function; failing to meet customer expectations can jeopardize business growth. A recent Qualtrics study found that bad experiences put a business at risk of losing an average of 9.5% of its revenue. But linking CX to business value and the bottom line is a challenge when siloed data and a lack of technology can’t deliver the multi-channel experience customers expect.

In this episode of the Solution in Focus series, you’ll listen in as Allison Windon, senior vice president of strategy at Qualtrics, discuss how to elevate CX based on insights you generate from customers’ real-time journeys. You’ll also hear how to fully leverage Qualtrics solutions in your AWS Cloud.

You’ll hear how Qualtrics helps you:

  • Reduce the cost to serve by understanding and optimizing inefficient journeys and customer touchpoints.
  • Improve customer retention by identifying and prioritizing strategic areas of improvement across the entire customer journey.

Increase customer lifetime value by understanding and improving loyalty behaviors that drive repeat purchases.

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