LinkedIn just released 3 new features for pages

LinkedIn just released 3 new features for pages

The newsletter feature will help brands leverage first-party data while many platforms are becoming privacy-aware.

LinkedIn just announced three new features for brands to promote products, monitor trends, and do more with newsletters. Let’s jump in.

Generate more newsletter subscribers. With LinkedIn Newsletters, you can publish recurring Articles and build a subscriber community via a one-time notification to your Page followers and ongoing notifications to your Newsletter subscribers.

If a member searches for your profile they should be able to easily find and subscribe to your newsletter. LinkedIn also suggests incorporating SEO best practices by optimizing your article titles, descriptions, and tags. LinkedIn will also automatically send your new followers a notification to subscribe.

Product pages. Your products can now be discovered via an in-platform search on LinkedIn. Buyers can search by product, company, or category to discover what they’re looking for. You can also use product highlights to showcase specific product content on your Page and point interested members to key details and conversations. You can also re-share content from your product community to your Page and add posts to your product highlights.

Competitor analytics dashboard. There is a new upgrade to the LinkedIn Pages Competitor Analytics dashboard that is now available on desktop and mobile, which can help you understand what competitors are doing and set your brand apart. You can now:

  • Track follower growth, recent posts, and engagement rates to see what your competitors are talking about and how members are responding, while also benchmarking your own content creation efforts.
  • Quickly surface trending content from competitors to stay on top of what’s happening in your industry and inspire your own content strategy.

Why we care. B2B brands and advertisers managing pages on LinkedIn should test and use these new tools to make the most out of their profiles. Since many brands may be rethinking their social strategies, companies should optimize the platform’s new features to gain first-party data with newsletter signups, as well as new ecommerce options and competitor metrics.

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