Instagram is cutting back on its shopping features

Instagram is cutting back on its shopping features

Instagram seems to be going through an identity crisis as it shifts from a photo-sharing platform to shopping, and now focusing more on video.

Instagram is planning to scale back on its shopping features to focus more on e-commerce efforts that directly drive advertising.

A change in priorities. In an internal memo this week Instagram staffers were told that the Shopping page would eventually disappear “given shifts in company priorities.” The memo states that Instagram isn’t going to abandon shopping altogether, but instead test a simpler, less personalized version of the page known as “Tab Lite.”

TikTok Lite. Instagram has come under criticism as of late for focusing too much on Reels and short-form videos, giving the platform more of a TikTok feel rather than the photo-sharing app it used to be. Celebrities like Kylie Kardashian made headlines when she shared a post urging Instagram to “stop trying to be like TikTok.”

There is a petition on to “Make Instagram Instagram Again.”

Will Instagram retreat. According to Reuters, this latest effort is an attempt by Instagram to move away from some of its longer-term projects to double down on video.

Why we care. Advertisers and brands who relied heavily on Instagram shopping features may need to find another way of promoting their products. Tough there is no word on when the changes will take effect, advertisers should start preparing for the changes as soon as possible.

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