Instacart releases a new, streamlined ad creation process

Instacart releases a new, streamlined ad creation process

Instacart’s self-service platform, Ads Manager is getting a noticeable update.

The new ad creation process has advertisers first enter an objective; either reach, engage, or maximize sales. That first initial choice informs the available options and recommendations made downstream in the campaign creation.

Instacart says that “by minimizing the choices you have to make when creating campaigns this new framework streamlines the process. It also helps you to select the campaign tactics that are going to work best for the objective you select.”

Reach. When you want to reach the right consumers to generate awareness. These campaigns utilize behavioral targeting so you can do things like focus on consumers who haven’t bought your brand before but frequently buy from your category.

Engage. When you want to interact with consumers and start to build the path to the sale. These campaigns utilize keyword targeting and ad formats linked to your brand’s page on Instacart. They build inspiration and get consumers searching for related keywords to engage with you.    

Maximize sales. Secure premium space on the digital shelf and drive more product sales.

Build your Own. Selecting this tells Ads Manager to not make any recommendations on campaign tactics. Instead, you manually select every aspect of your new campaign from every available option. 

What Instacart says. “With this upgrade to Ads Manager, we’ve factored those discussions into the campaign creation flow; by focusing on the objective first, we can better focus our brand partners on the applicable options and tactics, speeding up some of the decision processes. This will help advertisers go live with an ad campaign faster and ultimately be more effective.”

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Dig deeper. You can read more about Instacart ads here.

Why we care. Instacart has joined the ranks of Facebook, Google, and Microsoft - all of which have the advertiser select an objective before completing the remainder of the campaign setup. With Instacart following suit, it should make it much easier for advertisers to switch between platforms, with little to no learning curve.


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