Google to sunset old Search Console message panel

Google to sunset old Search Console message panel

Google will officially remove the legacy message panel on August 1, 2022.

Google Search Console will sunset the old legacy version of messaging starting on August 1, 2022. If you try to access the legacy version of the Search Console message panel, you will be presented with a notice that reads “Important: This report won’t be available after Aug 1, 2022. Please use the new Message panel instead.”

The notice. Here is a screenshot of the notice that I can see for one of my verified sites in Google Search Console:

All messages moved. There is no need to worry, back in February 2022, Google moved all messaging from the old Search Console to the new Search Console. Google said then it has “finished the migration of all the messages into the new Search Console interface.” As a result of this, you should expect even “more user messages in the messages panel.”

More details. When Google rolled out the new Google Search Console in 2018, not everything was migrated from the old to the new platform. In fact, there are still several tools in Search Console that are not yet migrated. In 2019, Google revamped the Search Console messages into a bell icon in its own panel. But not all messages were found in that section when that launched. Now, all messages should be accessible in that message panel and the old version will go away in the next several weeks.

Why we care. It is now easier for you to see all the messages you would be getting from Google Search Console in one place. It might be a bit overwhelming to see all these messages, but don’t worry, scan through them and anything that seems concerning or important, speak to your SEO consultant, agency or developer for their assistance.

Removing the old version will force some of you who continue to check those messages to just focus on one message panel going forward, hopefully saving you time and resources.

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