Google to ease ad restrictions for abortion pill providers

Google to ease ad restrictions for abortion pill providers

The label will make it easier for at-home abortion providers to distinguish themselves from other services that try to discourage the practice.

This week Google is starting to allow mail-order abortion providers to apply for the “provides abortion” label for their ads. 

Telemedicine providers who mail FDA-approved medications to people looking for at-home abortions previously weren’t allowed to label themselves as abortion providers. But in the aftermath of the Supreme Court overturn of Roe v. Wade, Google has amended its policies.

What Google is saying. “Going forward, advertisers promoting medication abortions or abortion pills but who do not dispense them to customers at their own facilities will also be qualified to receive the ‘Provides abortion’ disclosure.”

For people living in the most restrictive states (e.g., Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri), at-home abortion via medication-by-mail may be their only option. 

How it works. Advertisers who provide the medication will need to go through the certification process for online pharmacies. You can view Google’s policies and documentation here.

Once a company is approved, they will have access to the “provides abortion” label for their ads. 

The labels will be a much easier way for a person looking for an at-home abortion to find legitimate services, versus pregnancy crisis centers that try to dissuade abortion seekers from obtaining the necessary medicine. 

Why we care. Advertisers and telemedicine companies who provide at-home abortion drugs should follow the proper procedures to have their businesses labeled accordingly. Failure to do so may lead to their label application being disapproved, or their service not being and utilized.

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