Google Search Console users and permissions management updated

Google Search Console users and permissions management updated

Make sure to review user permissions and levels of access with this update.

Google has updated the Google Search Console user and permissions management feature to incorporate functionality related to ownership and user management. These features were in the old Google Webmaster Tools and has finally been brought over to the current version of Google Search Console.

What is new. Google added to Google Search Console’s user and permissions management these features:

  • Distinguishing between verified and delegated owners
  • Easier, immediate removal of verified owners (no need to remove their ownership token)
  • Ability to change delegated owners’ permissions levels (owner, full, restricted)
  • Ability to see your property’s verification tokens for all current and previous users and specifically see tokens leftover by previous owners
  • Ownership events history

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot Google shared in its blog post of this updated management interface:

Search Console Users And Permissions 774x600

Permission best practices. Google also posted some best practices around permission and user rights, including:

  • Only give the level of access needed for that individual to do his or her work
  • Update or revoke that access when that individual no longer needs access
  • Regularly audit and update permissions through the users and permissions page in Search Console
  • Use the share link to share reports on a one-off-basis

Why we care. With these permission updates, you will have a bit more control on who has access to what areas of your Search Console profiles. Make sure to “review the leftover ownership tokens so that removed owners cannot regain access to the property,” Google said. Also, make sure to review the new help documentation and permission levels to learn what levels give what access.

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