Google Search adds new coupons, side-by-side deals and price insights

Google Search adds new coupons, side-by-side deals and price insights

Right before the holiday shopping season, Google added new search features to help searchers find deals.

Google has added new ways to find deals across the web using Google Search through new coupons and promotions, side-by-side deal views, and a new price insights navigator. Google launched this before the holiday shopping season and said “few new features to help you easily find those discounts and get the perfect gift at the right price.”

Updated coupons and promotions

Google now has new coupons and promotions labels in the shopping search results. Google has a new promotion badge that will show up in Google Search on items running a special promotion. Google is also adding a new coupon clipping feature, which allows you to easily copy promo codes when you’re ready to buy. This is a feature you often see on those coupon sites, where you click to copy the promotion code to your clipboard.

Here is a screenshot of this:

Compare deals side by side

Google also added a way to compare two or more deals, by giving you a side by side comparison view in Google Search. For example, if you search for a women’s puffer coat, Google will show a side-by-side comparison of available puffer coats on sale right in Google Search results

Here is what that looks like:

Price insights

Google also launched a new design and feature called price insights. Price insights helps searchers understand the prices they see and make better buying decisions, Google said. You can see in price insights how one merchant’s price compares to others’ and whether it’s low, typical or high for that product.

Here is what that looks like:

Why we care

With the holiday shopping season here, as expected, Google is adding new search features to help shoppers find the products they are looking for. These features may or may not help your e-commerce site be more visible in Google Search. At least, you search be aware of these changes so that you can understand what you may want to do, such as which structured data you want to add, or what information you want to add to Merchant Center, so that you can leverage these new Google Search features.

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