Google rolls out Ads Editor v2.2 with optimized targeting, 11 other features

Google rolls out Ads Editor v2.2 with optimized targeting, 11 other features

Google Ads Editor version 2.1 was released in July.

Google just announced the rollout of Ads Editor v2.2. This version adds 12 new features and also eliminates one. Let’s take a look.

Asset library

The new version includes added support for enhanced leveraging of images in asset libraries. It also includes:

  • Adding, removing, and renaming images
  • Assigning images to folders
  • Integrating asset library features into the image picker, for example, filtering by folder and searching by asset name


You can now use notifications to help you get the important information you need to manage your accounts in Editor. There are also alerts to let you know when there are active notifications for review. You also get one-click access to notifications directly from the toolbar.

New UI for editing ad schedules

You can now visually edit ad schedules for campaigns and certain ad assets. Previously, ad schedules could only be changed by CSV import or by copying from another campaign or asset.

Support-friendly network logs

Logs containing API errors and details of the operations that triggered them are now provided in an easy-to-understand format.

Out-of-sync indicator

The Editor will now periodically check to determine if account changes have been made since the last sync and notify you to sync them if needed.

Google says that not all changes may be detected and it is still recommended to get recent changes before posting.

Global offers

In the shopping settings for Shopping and Performance Max campaigns, you can now choose to:

  • Make the country of sale optional (allow it to be empty or cleared if it’s not already empty)
  • Include support for an optional feed label

Recommended Video campaign budgets

The Editor will now show a recommended budget based on your Target CPA bid for Video action campaigns. It will also warn you if your current budget amount is below this recommendation.

Video campaign target frequency

The Editor now includes full support for Target frequency video campaigns.

Video campaigns with shopping

Editor now supports all video campaign sub-types (except Outstream and Audio) via the shopping setting (Product feed) and product groups.

More recommendations support

Editor provides support for additional recommendation types, including the ability to add lead form ads to get more leads.

Basic support for all recommendations

Basic support for additional recommendation types is now shown in Editor. Recommendation types appear under Recommendations > Other recommendations.

Optimized targeting

The ad group “Targeting expansion” setting slider has been replaced with an “Optimized targeting” setting, which can now be enabled or disabled with a checkbox.


Gmail display campaigns support. Editor version 2.2 no longer supports Gmail display ads and campaigns.

Why we care. Advertisers who use Ads Editor will benefit from these changes and new features. The ability to manage accounts from a separate, offline, platform allows you to save time and make changes in bulk.

You can download the new Ads Editor here.

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