Google releases Ads API version 11

Google releases Ads API version 11

Google has released 13 new updates across assets, audiences, bidding, campaigns, experiments, and planning.

Google has just released the newest version of the Ads API, version v11_1. 

What’s changed. Here are the major changes according to Google’s release notes.


  • Added AssetGroup.ad_strength to represent the overall quality of the asset group.
    • When advertisers mutate asset groups or assets associated with the asset groups, this field is recalculated. Until the recalculation is finished, the value is PENDING.


  • Added FlexibleRuleUserListInfo and RuleBasedUserListInfo.flexible_rule_user_list.
  • Added more values to the LeadFormFieldUserInputType enum (used as predefined questions for lead form extensions).
  • Added the following fields to UserAttribute:
    • lifecycle_stage
    • first_purchase_date_time
    • event_attribute
  • Added the following errors to OfflineUserDataJobError:


  • Added Campaign.bidding_strategy_system_status to show the system status of the bidding strategy, such as whether it is learning, limited, or misconfigured. Learn more.


  • Added support for the following metrics in the campaign report:
    • all_conversions_from_click_to_call
    • all_conversions_from_directions
    • all_conversions_from_menu
    • all_conversions_from_order
    • all_conversions_from_other_engagement
    • all_conversions_from_store_visit
    • all_conversions_from_store_website
  • Made metrics.phone_call compatible with segments.hour in the campaign report.


  • You can now create experiments using GoogleAdsService.Mutate(). Previously, it was possible only when usingExperimentService.


  • Added Targeting.audience_targeting, which allows for specifying affinity and in-market categories to generate a reach forecast using ReachPlanService.GenerateReachForecast.
  • Added support for YouTube Select:
    • Added support for returning YouTubeSelectLineUp as product metadata when callingReachPlanService.ListPlannableProducts.
    • Added PlannedProduct.advanced_product_targeting, which allows for specifyingYouTubeSelectSettings to generate a reach forecast using ReachPlanService.GenerateReachForecast.
  • Added AudienceInsightsService.GenerateAudienceCompositionInsights (available to allowlisted accounts only), used to find attributes strongly associated with a particular audience, similar to Insights Finder.


  • Added UpgradeLocalCampaignToPerformanceMaxRecommendation. Learn more.
  • Added DisplayExpansionOptInRecommendation.

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What is the Google API. The Google API allows developers to interact directly with the ads platform, making large or robust accounts and campaigns easier to manage. With the ads API, you can:

  • Automate account management
  • Create custom reports
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage smart bidding strategies

Why we care. Developers who use the Google Ads API should make note of the new updates and plan management of their accounts accordingly.

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