Google adds Asian-owned attribute to business profiles

Google adds Asian-owned attribute to business profiles

These labels can help some businesses with visibility and potentially increase conversions.

Google has announced it has added a new attribute to Google Business Profiles for Asian-owned businesses. This new attribute can be added to your verified Google Business Profile and it makes it easier to find Asian-owned businesses in their own community.

What the attribute looks like. Here is what the new Asian-owned attribute looks like in a business listing in Google Maps or Google Search:

How to add the attribute. Here are the steps to add this attribute to your Google Business Profile:

  1. Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile.
  2. Select Edit profile and then Business information
  3. Near the top, select the More tab. 
  4. Select the category you want to change. 
  5. Next to the attribute, select Yes or No.
  6. When you’re finished updating your attributes, select Save.

Other attributes. Yelp has had this type of attribute since May 2021, this is another case of where Google is playing catch up to Yelp. In 2018, Google introduced family-led (which is no longer available), veteran-led, and women-led attributes, in 2020 Google added black-owned attributes, in 2021 Google added a Latino-owned attribute in business profiles and recently Google added the LGBTQ+ attribute in business profiles.

Why we care. Attributes like these can help generate visibility for your profile, so if you qualify for any of these Business Profile attributes, you should add them to your profile – and at least test it out. Businesses need to leverage any advantage they can to help grow their revenue and their customer base.

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