Drive more revenue now: Customer-focused strategies to boost conversion rates by SheerID

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Drive more revenue now: Customer-focused strategies to boost conversion rates

Drive conversion rates so stellar, you’ll calculate them twice just to be sure.

The “will-they-won’t-they?” talk about a recession has marketers crunching the numbers on their 2023 budgets and asking, “How can we continue acquiring new customers and keep the ones we already have?”

Optimizing your conversion rates with a customer-focused mindset is a great place to start. Here are four quick tips to drive higher conversions (and an invitation for a behind-the-screen tour of the highest-converting verification platform on the market).

1. Testimonials talk

Savvy consumers know that brand messaging is inherently biased, so reading reviews from real customers makes them feel more confident in a brand’s products and services. Reach out to customers who have already let you know that they’re happy with your services to gather some strong quotes, then, with their permission, place these testimonials in strategic places across your site and on your high-value pages.

2. Re-engagement converts

If you have the contact information of customers who visited your site but did not convert, you can send them an email or an SMS reminder to complete their action or purchase. And even after a customer has converted, keep encouraging them to convert again and again! You can keep converted customers engaged with personalized content, special deals, product recommendations, loyalty programs, and requests to submit feedback.

3. Personalized marketing nurtures loyalty

Your marketing and conversion rates will be much more successful if you target specific customer groups with personalized messaging. After all, 89% of marketers observed a positive ROI when they used personalized marketing techniques. To do this, start by segmenting your audience.

You can segment based on many factors, but one of the most effective is by using identity-based attributes such as job (i.e. teachers) or life stage (i.e. new movers). This technique is called identity marketing. Because identity marketing targets groups (known as consumer communities) that share a commonality that they strongly identify with, it allows you to forge a stronger connection with the individuals who belong to them.

4. Exclusive offers boost shares

Promotional pricing gives customers a reason to give your brand a try, even if they’re on the fence or are looking to save money. More than that, offering exclusive discounts to the consumer communities discussed above essentially rewards customers for belonging to a group.

This offer strategy makes customers feel valued, which encourages loyalty and conversions. For instance, 77% of students prefer to shop with a brand that offers a student discount, and 60% of healthcare workers would try a new brand if given an exclusive discount. These consumer communities will also often share your offer with others in their network, giving you a free promotional boost.

To protect your discount from fraud, require verification during the redemption process. A digital verification solution can confirm customer eligibility instantly, ensuring your customers still enjoy a fast, seamless experience.

Ready to increase conversions?

While there are many ways to improve your conversion rate and campaign performance, identity marketing is one of the most effective. Brands that launch personalized discount programs with SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform see impressive conversion optimization results. For instance, when ASICS offered a 60% discount to healthcare workers, military members and first responders, conversions increased by 100%.

These targeted promotions drive conversions, boost ROI and encourage long-term loyalty. Want to see more?

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