Connect with your buyers where they are

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Connect with your buyers where they are

Learn why precision demand marketing is the path to a predictable pipeline.

B2B buyers are calling the shots. They know when and where they want to connect with you and expect you to engage with them precisely at the right time.

For marketing to drive truly qualified conversations with buyers at scale, the B2B buyer’s process must be connected, aligned, personalized and responsive to a buyer’s chosen purchasing path. Currently, economic indicators for 2022 and beyond are trending downward, putting pressure on B2B marketing organizations – and their budgets.

Marketers are now facing greater scrutiny and increased emphasis on delivering results. Because of this, you cannot afford to waste time or money on activities that don’t provide the right message, at the right time, on the right channel, to the right buyers. This is where precision demand marketing comes to light.

Join Stephanie Swinyer, head of revenue marketing at Integrate, in her informative MarTech Fall session, who shares predictable and repeatable strategies that impact the pipeline. Marketers who want to succeed in this era must tap into a new level of demand marketing efficiency and accuracy. 

Listen in on the session and discover your path to precision in four key areas: Target, connect, activate and measure.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Hone your audience segments with laser focus to develop ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and define your GTM approach.
  • Diagram your accounts down to buying groups and individual buyers and leverage intent signals to discover accounts that are in-market.
  • Explore target account activation approaches for both marketing and sales and precisely map a complete buyer’s journey.
  • Implement measurement best practices, including shared goal setting, scorecard development, and deal DNA analysis.

Tune into the session and learn the best practices you need to show your buyers that you truly know them and their buying needs.

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