Code-free custom conversion, and 5 other new Microsoft Ads updates

Code-free custom conversion, and 5 other new Microsoft Ads updates

The new features aim to increase efficiency and help advertisers better target their campaigns.

Microsoft has just announced six new updates for March. Let’s dive in.

What’s new.

  • Code-free custom conversion setup wizard
  • UET tags with deletion option
  • Custom combinations
  • Multimedia Ads with logos
  • New shopping markets in North America
  • Local Search Ad extensions

Code-free custom conversion setup wizard. Microsoft has simplified the process of setting up custom conversion tracking. By enabling Microsoft Clarity insights through Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag setup, it is now possible to set up event-based conversion tracking without any coding.

Earlier, setting up a manual tag required website code updates. However, the new code-free process only takes a few clicks to set up. Interested individuals can view a demo of the process on the Microsoft blog.

UET tags with deletion option. A new option is being rolled out in the UET settings this month to delete unused tags as required. Users can now select the checkbox next to the undesired UET tag and delete it for various reasons such as a new website, cleaning up conversion data, or duplicate tags. However, it is important to note that the tags can only be deleted if they are not associated with a conversion goal, audience, or shared with another account.

Custom combinations. Updates to Custom combinations that were mentioned last month have now been fully released. Users are now able to create combined lists of various audience types including Customer Match, Custom Audiences, Remarketing, and Dynamic Remarketing. Earlier, it was only possible to combine Customer Match with other Customer Match lists or Custom Audiences with other Custom Audiences. Users can work with their Microsoft Account team to start using this feature.

Multimedia Ads with logos. Users can now add their company’s brand logo to their Multimedia Ads quickly and easily through Microsoft Advertising online.


New shopping markets in North America. Later in March, shopping advertisers will be able to upload feeds in new markets in North America: French in Canada and Spanish in the United States. This feature will enable potential customers to view ads in their preferred query language in their country. Users can upload their new feeds using the existing file feed upload process once the feature is available. The uploaded ads will be displayed in the user’s query language in the associated countries.

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Local Search Ad extensions. Local Search Ads have been introduced to enhance location extensions, and they will run on the local results entity on Bing’s search engine results page as well as Bing Maps on PC. This feature will give businesses more prominent placement and increased visibility for their location and details, giving them an edge over their competitors. Local Search Ads are currently available in North America on PC.

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Dig deeper. You can review the official announcement on Microsoft’s blog.

Why we care. The ability to set up custom conversion tracking without any coding or deleting unused tags can save time and effort, making the process more efficient. Additionally. being able to create combined lists of various audience types can help advertisers better target their campaigns, resulting in more effective advertising.

Finally, the Local Search Ads feature can give businesses more prominent placement and increased visibility, giving them an edge over their competitors. These updates and new features can ultimately help advertisers reach their target audience more effectively and increase their return on investment (ROI).

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