4 new features on the Google Insights page

4 new features on the Google Insights page

The new features can help you navigate demand, trends and even optimize fluctuating demand during the holiday season.

To help advertisers navigate the holiday season and optimize their inventory, Google has launched four new features on the Insights page:

  • Search terms
  • Assets
  • Audiences
  • Change history

Search terms. This helps you understand what customers are searching for without the need to examine your entire search terms report. The terms are grouped into broader, intent-based categories, you can quickly identify which themes are most popular with your customers, along with metrics like conversion performance, search volume and search volume growth.

Assets. This will help you learn what assets resonate the best with your potential customers. You can use this to identify highly-engaged audiences, as well as inform the assets and landing pages you create for different audiences.

Audiences. Audience insights can help you understand the characteristics of the people who engage with your business. Google says these insights give you a better idea of what your customers care about, making it easier to tune your creative for their unique interests and traits.

Change history. This helps you identify how changes you’ve made in your account may impact performance. When there’s a significant shift in your campaign’s key metrics, this insight can help you determine which changes you made that may have caused this shift in performance — and then figure out how to proceed.

Dig deeper. Review your Insights page to see the new features and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Why we care. The new Insights features will help you discover trends, optimize your campaigns, and keep up with changing consumer behavior over the upcoming holiday season. Advertisers should review their insights before making drastic campaign changes.

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