3 new Google travel and tour booking features

3 new Google travel and tour booking features

Three new features for comparing prices, booking additional attractions, and editing prices are now available to attraction and tour operators.

Google has just announced three new features for travel and tour booking businesses. The new features are aimed at making it easier for people to book tickets and experiences right from Google, as well as giving businesses the ability to connect with potential customers.

Ticket booking links for attractions. Now available on Maps (mobile & desktop), after first launching on Search in Sept 2021. Visitors can also quickly compare admission prices across different partners.

Experiences related to an attraction are now shown separately (e.g. combined Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island tour). This is currently on Search, coming soon to Maps.

In the near future, Google will show ticket booking links on Search/Maps business listings for tour & activity operators (e.g. Joe’s London Bike Tours) just as it is now for attractions.

Edit ticket prices on Google Business profiles. Attraction owners can now edit their ticket prices & booking links directly on their Business Profile (and soon tour & activity operators will have the same option). Previously they had to work through an approved connectivity partner.

Attraction operators can still work with an approved Connectivity Partner to provide travelers with up-to-date information using a data feed if they prefer.

Things to do Ads (also launched Sept 2021). Now surfacing on relevant queries in 24 countries and they can now appear on individual attraction knowledge panels on Search (replacing what would otherwise be a standard text ad)

These ads can be set up using the same data feeds that power the free ticket booking links on Search and Maps.

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Dig deeper. You can read the announcement from Google and find approved Connectivity Partners here.

Why we care. If you have or manage a business in the travel and tourism industry, you can use these features to find and connect with new customers, edit your prices in real time, and give customers additional options for booking.

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