3 growth paths in 2023 with Google Ads by Adthena

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3 growth paths in 2023 with Google Ads

Overcome uncertainty and stay on top of algorithm updates.

With continuous Google algorithm updates and feature changes, paid search marketers live in a world where their efforts to generate clicks or conversions are constantly disrupted. Add the layer of economic uncertainty to the table; now, revenue is at the top of everyone’s list of priorities.

Now is the time to power into 2023 the right way by being in control of your Google Ads performance and outcomes.

Join Ashley Fletcher, VP of marketing at Adthena, in this insightful SMX Next presentation to understand how to identify where you can reduce your marketing costs and increase profitability without hurting revenue.

During the session, you will learn how to deploy budgets through better automation, be the protector of your brand traffic and turn off those pesky “Lone Rangers.”

This year might bring a need for more transparency, making it difficult for search marketers to course-correct campaign pointing. With these session takeaways, you’ll go into that with caution and navigate through performance pressure. 

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