Google Search Console snapshot in search results now can show domain properties

Google Search Console snapshot in search results now can show domain properties

You may start seeing this snapshot show up more often because Google now supports more verification methods.

Back in 2018, Google began showing a snapshot of your Google Search Console data and analytics in the web search results for verified properties. Now, Google will also show this snapshot for domain property verification methods, not just the older verification methods.

The announcement. Google announced this on Twitter saying “we are happy to share that starting today Search Console in Search results feature will also support domain properties.”

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of what this looks like in the search results:

What changed. When this snapshot card launched, it worked for all the verification methods Google Search Console initially supported. But when Google released domain properties the following year, the snapshot was not supported for that verification method. Now Google is supporting displaying the Search Console snapshot for domain properties.

How do you see it. This card can appear only if you are an owner or full user of the site in Google Search Console, and you are signed in with that Google account while searching for your site or queries it might rank for. You can turn this snapshot on or off as well, those instructions are in this help document.

Why we care. Having this snapshot come up can be useful for site owners who have Search Console access but might not check their Search Console data too often. This is a useful reminder to those site owners that there is a treasure trove of data and information in Search Console that they can look at or hire an SEO agency to look at on their behalf.

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